Meet the Full Silicone Body Twinnie

Full Silicone Baby Doll: Our reborn baby doll is lovingly handcrafted from high-quality silicone materials, with a soft and realistic texture, just like a real baby, allowing children to better learn how to take care of a little life.
Soft & Lifelike Details: This silicone baby doll has hand-painted eyebrows, realistic wrinkles, delicate veins and belly button. His flexible and soft limbs support you to pose or knead. These details make the dolls more lifelike, enhancing your child's play experience and imagination.
Cute Silicone Reborn Baby Size: This anatomically correct baby measures in 16 inches from head to toe, and weighted in 5.5lb. His full soft silicone body like real baby skin super floppy, bring you real-touch feelings makes him easy to cuddle like a real baby, you can interact with him as you like.
Gift Ideas: Our newborn-baby boy doll is perfect as Birthday present and Christmas gift and fits for home activities, role play, and parenting games. And he could not only accompany grandma, but also could be suitable for mum and hobbyists.