Meet the Full Silicone Body Terry

Made of 100% Full Body Platinum Silicone - Unlike regular baby dolls, she is made of soft, poseable silicone that feels just like real baby skin. Weighing 3.3 lbs, she is perfectly weighted to feel like holding a real newborn. Experience the delight of cradling and cuddling a real baby.
Realistic-Newborn Details - Delicate details like visible veins, hand-blushed skin, and hand-painted features make this silicone doll look uncannily like a real baby. Her limbs are flexible and she comes dressed in preemie clothes, just like a newborn. Holding her feels soothing and lifelike.
12 Inches of Cuteness - At 12 inches long, this reborn baby doll is the perfect size to hold and play with. Her soft full silicone baby doll body and flexible limbs allow you to pose her naturally, just like a real baby. Cuddle and nurture her as much as you want.
The Perfect Gift for lil Girls Boys - This lifelike baby doll makes a wonderful gift for children, collectors, and the elderly. She can be a cherished family member, a hobby, or a source of comfort and companionship.