Meet the Charming Lovely Hearts Girl Leen

Cute Reborn Baby : This cuddly, big bright eyes smile baby doll girl is a dream come true. Her Mommy wished upon the brightest star for a little one, and Leen was born. Now, she is so precious & cute and ready to be kept warm in your loving arms!
Realistic Baby Doll : The reborn baby doll is designed to capture the essence of a newborn girl with its soft and supple feel. Every detail of the doll, from the cute smile face and delicate veining, mottling baby skin to the sparkling eyes, hand-rooted lashes and half-moon nails, has been carefully crafted to perfection. Immerse yourself in the world of realism and embrace the joy of nurturing with our baby doll.
Soft Feeling, Real Baby : Our realistic-newborn baby doll's little chubby hands and legs are naturally soft to the touch, and she features a squashy cotton stuffed cloth body perfect for your arms. Each time you cradle the doll up, you'll feel her warmth as genuine as a real baby.