Meet the Charming Girl Doreen

Smiling Reborn Baby Girl: Look, here is a cute reborn baby girl. She has a pair of smiling eyes, clenched fingers, and slightly raised little hands. She can’t wait to get into your arms. Her smile is so gentle, she wears a cute headband, and she looks at you with straight eyes, as if you are everything to her, and you can't help but give her everything. Take her home now! She is looking forward to the day she meets you.
Realistic Reborn Doll: Our newborn baby doll is designed to be lifelike and rich in details, making it look like a real baby overall. She has hand-rooted hair and eyelashes, veins on the soles of her arms and feet, wrinkles on her feet, and half-moon-shaped fingernails. These cute and lifelike designs are just like a real baby, and can bring emotional satisfaction to children and adults.
Reborn Baby Doll Soft Body: Soft and cute to the touch, this newborn reborn baby doll is perfect for cuddling. This adorable reborn baby girl has a vinyl head and limbs, and a cotton body that's soft and cuddly. At the same time, because the doll's limbs can be posed, you can poseable the movements of the doll's limbs according to your needs, allowing children to have a variety of interesting interactive play activities.