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Babeside™ Reborn Dolls, Made With Love!!

Baby By My Side

Originated from us

Creating and designing reborn dolls began in the time when doll lovers wanted more realistic, lifelike dolls. Ever since then, a growing number of artists have taken up the reborn creation, drawing inspiration from family, friendship, love, everyday life, childhood memories, and joy. Babeside™ would like to create lifelike dolls to accompany kids, to let them have wondeful childhood! 

Our baby dolls will become a member of your family and bring joy to your kids! They accompany your children to grow together, let them learn to care for others and be kind to others. Take them out on the swing, go to the supermarket, and become a member of your family. We can't wait to see the surprised look on your kid's face when they open the box and see our dolls for the first time. Our baby doll may become their first loyal & lovely friend in their life.

Baby By Your Side

Originated from you

Babeside™ is all about LOVE. The new life's love for the world and the world's care for the new life are intertwined to build the core of Babeside™.

Babeside™ aspires to convey love and warmth to everyone who has a reborn doll. Every Babeside™ reborn doll is unique because behind Babeside™ there is a group of doll designers with a passion for reborn dolls. Such as doll "magicians" who turn inspirational designs into lifelike babies, and doll Santas who deliver them to each customer. We capture and preserve these beautiful moments of young life at the beginning of life, and it may be a sleeping, a crying little naughty, or a smiling cute baby. Every hand-implanted hairline and every layer of realistic painted details are the embodiment of our pursuit of quality.

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Baby By Your Side

Originated from you

Hold any Babeside™ doll in your arms, and you will feel our passion through its lifelike details, playful little toes, cute and realistic little faces, feel our professionalism, feel the vitality of the doll, and feel the love and warmth. At the same time, we believe that our delicate dolls and outstanding craftmanship will meet the expectations of more and more reborn doll lovers.

Each doll on our website is designed with deep LOVE! Love lights up hope for mothers who have lost their children, Love accompanies growing kids, and Love captures good memories. Feel it when you hold our baby doll. With every detail captivated, every doll will stir your spirit, warm your heart, and nurture your soul! Hope you love them as we do😉


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Meet Our Designer

Velvet M 

When the designer Velvet M first saw a reborn doll several years ago, she was overwhelmed with its authenticity, which sparked her imagination of what she might've looked like when she first came into this world. But unfortunately, those memories are forever lost. Since then, she has been exposed to the relatively small circle of reborn dolls, where she meets mothers who have lost their children, who want to relive the memories of their newborn child, those who have Alzheimer's, and children who long for childhood friends. She found that the emotional needs of these groups all originate from the most sincere and greatest human instinct - LOVE.