Meet Our First Reborn Baby Doll Daisy

by Babeside Team

Daisy's Story 

Daisy is the first reborn baby designed by our chief designer Velvet M. Daisy was born in a beautiful town near Blue Springs, Missouri. Now she is one year old. She is 20 inches long and weighs 3.08 lbs. She easily captures the hearts of all who have seen her at first sight. Whenever looking at her, she is so peaceful and gentle, as if she can take away all your anxiety and loneliness.

Daisy's hand painting is realistic and exquisite. Whether it's her bright blue eyes, upturned nose, rosy cheeks, or pink lips, you can feel her authenticity, cuteness, and energy. Daisy's hair is hand-rooted, soft, and shiny; her shoulders and body are made of high-quality cotton which is padded inside; her arms and legs are made of soft vinyl, and her head and arms can be poseable too, and her weight is close to a real baby.

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She is so lifelike, and every time you hold her, you must feel like holding a real baby. Daisy already has her first group of fans. Don't miss it if you want to collect a cute, sweet, gentle, and quiet reborn little girl doll. Take her home, and let her enter your arms as soon as possible!

Daisy will accompany your children to grow together, let them learn to care for others and be kind to others. Take them out on the swing, go to the supermarket, and become a member of your family. We can't wait to see the surprised look on your kid's face when they open the present and sees Daisy for the first time. Daisy may become their first loyal & lovely friend in their life. You can adjust the position of these dolls, either sitting or lying down. Daisy comes with two sweet red bow hairpins, and her blonde hair is long, making it easy to style. Daisy’s hand-painted details and features were made with a touch of love! 

Meet Daisy In Different Styles