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Babeside® Reborn Dolls, Made With Love!!

Baby By My Side

Babeside® focuses on the hyper realistic baby reborn doll category and is committed to leading the development of the category, shaping the minds of Babeside as the preferred hyper realistic baby doll for families and children around the world through the continuous supply of high quality dolls.

Baby By Your Side

Babeside® hopes to convey love and warmth to everyone who desires to have a reborn doll. Our slogan is “Baby by my side, Baby by your side”, it means Babeside brand products are passed from the hands of our designers to your hands, accompanying you to make you feel peace and love.

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Baby By Your Side

Babeside® product is inspired by the touching moments of the life of an infant, whether it is a sleeping and quiet baby, or a crying and agitating little naughty, or a smiling and lipped little cute. The digital artist sculpts these moments into an image, and the crafters complete the polystyrene. Every hair is hand-implanted, every inch of skin is painted, and the designer dresses it up, and finally gives birth to a lifelike baby doll.


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Meet Our Designer

Velvet M 

When the designer Velvet M first saw a reborn doll several years ago, she was overwhelmed with its authenticity, which sparked her imagination of what she might've looked like when she first came into this world. But unfortunately, those memories are forever lost. Since then, she has been exposed to the relatively small circle of reborn dolls, where she meets mothers who have lost their children, who want to relive the memories of their newborn child, those who have Alzheimer's, and children who long for childhood friends. She found that the emotional needs of these groups all originate from the most sincere and greatest human instinct - LOVE.